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The donation is aimed to help promote the concept of liver disease prevention and treatments to public, and provide a place for spiritual exchange and experience sharing between patients and their families.

You can become a member of Taiwan Liver Research Foundation by donating 200 NTD* or more.

※Note: due to administrative, printing, layout, mailing and other activities.

  • Provide knowledge of liver disease treatments and preventions for patients and the public.
  • Assist in publishing liver-disease-related journals, books, etc.
  • Collaborate with the government, academic institutions, and other societies to held conferences and seminars related to liver disease prevention.
  • Provide sponsorships for researchers and research assistants to engage in the liver disease research.
  • Provide sponsorships for domestic Master’s and PhD students to facilitate the liver disease research.
  • Provide funds for Taiwan and overseas academic activities related to liver disease.
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Other ways to Donation
01.Donation with credit card

Taiwan Liver Research Foundation cooperates with National Credit Card Center of R.O.C to provide credit card payment service, arranging a more convenient donation method.

Please download and fill in the letter of authorization, and mail it by registered mail or fax it back to the Foundation. We will soon process your application.

Authorization download
02. Transfer via post office. Account number: 420-399560
Fill out a credit card or post office donation authorization.
03. Transfer by ATM

Account name: Taiwan Liver Research Foundation

Account: 00169-100-920-310

Payee: (806) Yuanta Bank Shiquan Branch

*Note: Please contact us if you need special arrangement for your payment method.

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