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Declaration of membership data

The donation is aimed to help promote the concept of liver disease prevention and treatments to public, and provide a place for spiritual exchange and experience sharing between patients and their families.

You can become a member of Taiwan Liver Research Foundation by donating 200 NTD* or more.

※ Note: Due to administrative, printing, layout, mailing and other activities costs.

Welcome to join Taiwan Liver Research Foundation as our member; the purpose of the Terms of Use of Membership Service (the Terms) is to protect the rights and interests of members, and ensure the contractual relationships between Taiwan Liver Research Foundation and the members

"Notice of personal data collection and utilization"

  • To ensure the privacy and legitimate rights and interests of members, and to protect members’ personal data, we inform you of the following matters in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Law.
  • Organization name: Taiwan Liver Research Foundation
  • Purpose of collection: The purpose of collection is to conduct an integrated analysis, understand relevant liver data needs in various places through online questions and other methods, and provide a space for spiritual exchange and experience sharing between patients and their families. The Foundation will collect personal data through the process of joining members or transaction.
  • Types of personal data collected: The personal data collected via the official website of the Foundation includes:
    1. 1. C001 Individual identification: name of member, address, phone number, email, etc.
    2. 2.C011 Personal Description: gender, date of birth, etc.

If the member refuses to provide necessary information mentioned above, the person can cancel the application by calling our customer service.

The Foundation reserves the right to modify the content of the Terms, and notify the members by email individually.

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